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Closing date: 5pm, Friday 15 December 2023


Please refer to the following guidelines to ensure you meet the criteria for this category:

Your nomination must include

4 print copies of the published work

Your nomination is only valid once it has been physically received at the State Library of South Australia and you receive official confirmation from us. Please allow up to a month for official confirmation.

Nominations to be sent to:

South Australian Literary Awards
State Library of South Australia
GPO Box 419
Adelaide SA 5001

The State Library of South Australia will not accept faxed, emailed or late applications or applications postmarked after 5pm on Friday 15 December 2023.

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Published work details

Award category

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Nominator, Publisher or Agent's details

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I, the writer of the work, or an agent, nominate the work in accordance with the 2024 South Australian Literary Awards, which I have read and complied with.
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