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There are several service points within the library where you can get assistance from staff. These are all on Level 1 of the Spence Wing.

Family History

While the family history desk is not staffed, you can still ask for basic help at the Information Desk.

To get you on your way to discovering your family history, we also encourage you to look at our family history starter guide.

Information Desk

Provides an information and reference service for general enquiries, including family history. This service is backed up by Collection Specialists and Research Services staff where required.

Security Desk

Due to the COVID-19 regulations, the cloaking room is closed, a set of lockers will be located outside of the Somerville Reading Room (Spence Wing, level 1) for customers using this room to store personal bags. All other bags will be allowed into the study and computer space with security monitoring the area.​​​​​ Find out what has changed by reading the State Library reopening FAQs.

Somerville Reading Room

The Sommerville reading room is a supervised reading area for preservation materials. For access to this room, you'll need a reader's ticket from the Information Desk.