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Detail of Father Christmas featured in Vojtech Kubasta's story book. SLSA: clrc i22817190

A visit from Father Christmas

Christmas at the Mortlock this year is inspired by the designs of Czechoslovakian paper artist Vojtěch Kubašta (b.1914 Vienna, d.1992 Prague). Kubašta was one of...

Children History Literature
Lord Horatio Nelson's letter to Thomas Lloyd. SLSA: 941.073 N426

Real or fake: Lord Nelson's letter written in 1798

The stories that make us

For a long time, a large brown envelope with a crayoned inscription lay in the back of the special collection’s stacks. The inscription read, ‘Nelson...

Behind the scenes Biography History
Radio club badges and pins, clrc, slsa: box no. 177

Don't touch that dial! Children’s radio club badges and pins

The stories that make us

It might seem strange, but sometimes historical items are literally picked up off the ground. This collection of children’s radio club badges and pins was...

Flower painting by Rosa Fiveash, SLSA: PRG 403/3/3/32

Captured Flowers

The capture of South Australia’s wildflowers and plants in paintings and sketches began early in the colony’s history. Flower painting was considered an acceptable genteel...

Spitfire and Bomber Squadron booklet

Make your own Spitfire and Bomber squadron

The stories that make us

We’ve recreated this striking cut-out model builder booklet so you can build your own bomber squadron base and experience what it would have been like...

Dressed in their working aprons the taxidermists complete the tiger SLSA PRG 631/2/365

The tiger and the taxidermists

The stories that make us

Did you know that this photograph taken in the basement of the Mortlock Wing of the State Library shows one of the largest tigers ever...

Behind the scenes History